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Single Sheet Billing

Are you still folding and inserting your post?

Welcome to the trouble free "tried and tested" alternative to the folding and inserting option.


Interface your printer to the Postmate 3MP Folding and Sealing machine. Load 3,000 Documents into the printer hopper and press the print button. The printer will print and present the documents to the Folding and sealing machine AT ITS OWN SPEED for processing.

It is as easy as that!

One continuous ' PRINT TO POST ' process.

A Folding and Sealing Machine interfaced with your printer gives the following advantages:-

A single loading process, printer only.

Use the greater Paper tray capacity of your printer +3,000 sheets.

'Hot Fusion Lasers' require you to 'rest' the paper before the next off line process thus running the risk of paper distortion. A continuous 'Print to Post' facility removes this time consuming and troublesome problem.

Use it for:-

 Utility Billings
 Salary Advices
 Pension Advices
 Purchase Orders
 Disconnection Notices
 BACS Notifications
 The list is endless ....


There are two form design options:-
1. Generic Forms
Create Multiple Form Templates at the front end of your Software.

Maximise on the flexibility of your programming.

Choose your application and print onto Corp. Generic Forms.
  2. Application specific Forms
Design a printed Corp. document.

Increase your corporate presentation with good form design.

Print graphs and pie charts to better inform your customers.

Available in continuous Impact and Laser Sheeted versions    View Example

Folding options

"C" Fold
Duplex laser personalisation
"V" Fold
Duplex laser personalisation
"Z" Fold
Simplex laser personalisation
Available in 8 1/2 ins width x 11 ins, 11 2/3, 12 ins, 14 ins depths.


'Print to Post' production reduces processing time dramatically.

Our robust, low maintenance range of "Folding and Sealing" machines are designed to suite both small and large applications.

When formulating a Bill Processing flow chart it is always desirable to include a 'Back up machine.' Two printers and two on line Folding and Sealing Machines gives assured continuity and total flexibility for growth.


One touch set-up high function folder/sealer OUT
  • Automatic paper fold setting option on the POSTMATE 3L
  • Manual paper fold setting option on the POSTMATE 3M


    POSTMATE 3MP interfaced with an HP4000 Printer. 'PRINT TO POST'
    Easily separated for the machines to operation individually.

    Set the machine up by brushing the picture
    with your cursor.

    'STAND ALONE' Medium Volume, Low Noise Compact Folder/Sealer


    The POSTMATE 5P will be offered as an 'ONLINE' Machine during the last quarter 2004.


    Top of the range folding and sealing machine.

    The portable Baby of the range but packed with features.

    Approach us to help you carry out a cost feasibility. We give you a fully costed proposal and you identify your current system costs. Please feel free to use our contact form for your enquiries, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

    We are sure that the economies this will reveal, will impress you. No envelopes and higher processing speeds; less manual involvement and a positive impact on your cash flow, due to time distribution.

    Our Research and Development Department are continuously reviewing the range to reflect market developments.