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Queue Management Systems

A system designed to put control of your customer’s requirements, in the hands of your staff.

A wall mounted dispenser offers each new arrival a numbered ticket and a seat is provided at which to relax in until his number appears on the LCD display above a cashiers booth. They approach the cashier and transact their business, at which point the cashier calls another customer by pressing the call button.

  Advantages include : -

  Avoid any dispute that may occur when customers push in before others who have been waiting
  Discourage customers from waiting too close to Booths. Thereby reducing stress to your staff and security risks
  By inviting customers to be seated, you offer them a more comfortable & less stressful environment to wait in
  Deal more efficiently with busy periods
  Speed up ‘through-put’
  Booths can be closed more effectively, whilst a staff member prepares for the next customer or closes for a break
  Gently discourage customers from approaching the booths uninvited and so increase privacy
  Promote a more orderly & relaxed service. Putting control back into the hands of your staff

  Various schemes are available to cater for individual requirements.
    We would be glad to advise you. -

  R.D90 Kit. An economical solution to a single/double cashier situation
  Diverter Display System - Banks, Post Offices, Government Departments, Cashier Halls. Food Halls
  Counterflow Intelligent Thermal Printing Ticket Display System.

Many bolt on features. Can cope with different 'queues for different departments i.e. Cashier, Information and foreign Exchange etc.

The system can have an intelligent reporting system, which gives statistical data on customer flow, in real time and historical. Voice over call forward systems in English and Arabic. Radio Frequency Control etc.
  Media Q - This Queue Management system allows for Advertising/Promotional/Musical videos to be played on single/multi screen displays plus those features on the Counterflow System.
  Head of Queue Systems -

Allow us to design the system to fit your building and your requirements.

We would be glad to advise you.