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Specially Manufactured and printed Envelopes

A specially manufactured and printed envelope adds to the impact of a mailing.

Why compromise? Why try and find a stock envelope to fit your mail shot? Have the envelope manufactured and printed to your specific requirements.

Quantities up to 25,000 can be overprinted stock envelopes but quantities over 25,000 are very economically priced.

Consider the following when having an envelope manufactured : -

  • You choose the colour & quality of paper
  • You stipulate the exact size to fit the application
  • You position the window exactly where you want it
  • You can have a specially designed security opaque inside
  • You can have a printed envelope, which reflects your Corporate Identity
  • You design the envelope to fit your Folding and Inserting machine
  • You can design Added Value Features e.g. POD tear off slips, Two Windows etc

Specially printed envelopes do make economic sense. Why not look into it?